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Plant Rentals and Library

The importance of having plants in the office space is well known among companies of all sizes. Research suggests that plants not only clean the indoor air but are also pleasing to the senses.

Building a corporate greenspace means making a positive impact on the employees as well as a great first impression for prospective clients. A task as important as this needs proper guidance and attention from experts to get the desired results. This is where ‘Khushboo Farms’ can help make a difference! Our team at Khushboo farms has the necessary expertise, experience and resources to provide a full-fledged plant library. Based out Pune, we provide plants on rent to companies for office spaces, events and shoots. Our turnkey rental service includes indoor and outdoor plants.

Renting plants instead of buying them has a number of advantages.

  • It’s simple, hassle-free and much more economical.
  • You can now enjoy the advantages of having fresh plants in your office without having to worry about the maintenance. Our team takes care of the plants including watering, pruning and inspection for pests and diseases.
  • Changing the landscape of your office with change of plants is now just a call away.
  • Renting a plant allows you to have the freedom of having different plants for different settings.
  • Seasonal plants can be incorporated in the workspace. This completely changes the greenspace of the office.
  • The life of the plant is increased as it is shifted to our nursery where it gets all the required nutrition and flourishes.
  • The company administration is completely free of added costs of resources for transportation, installation and maintenance.
  • Rent plant with us today and feel the difference!


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